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Free to Be Me 

Hello young music lovers, whoever you are...

I am writing my first blog. I don't really even know what a blog is except that it's a short segment of writing on a particular topic. So I've decided to write (in the third person,) about how I used to be afraid to sing without permission. Holly was one of the most talented singers in her school. She was always the soloist, always the lead, quite a big fish. But then Holly graduated high school and went to college at Northwestern University. Holly got no leads, no solos, not even cast as a chorus member when she auditioned for the musical "Chess." She did not get into the music school of opera. Holly got very depressed. She found herself experiencing ugly emotions of jealousy towards other singer/actresses who were getting the parts and she hated feeling this way so she asked God to take her voice back, that she didn't want it anymore. Time went by and after a very long time of not singing (she transferred to USC School of Theater and majored in acting...) she realized how her love and appreciation for rock-n-roll had bloomed in a garden apart from her ego. After returning from a solo backpacking trip to Europe at age 28 she recounted the sadness she felt while listening to a young girl singing a Cranberries song on the steps of Trevi Fountain in Rome and how forlorn she was over not having the courage to just sing freely like that. She felt herself, actually visualized it, sinking down in an ocean of despair with the strong desire to leave this life, but then she saw Jesus, all glowing and smiling, "You silly girl," who held out his hands and lifted her from the bottom of the ocean. She opened her eyes and broke out into song. WAKE ME UP INSIDE by Evanessence to be exact. The music flowed through her like a sacred rite. In it was the message, "This is who you are. This is why you came." And so she accepted the gift back from God.  And never has she compared herself to others again.